2023 ViBilagare pehme segu test

VikingContact 7
Preemium klass
The VikingContact7, despite being one of the oldest tires on the market, still performs at the top. Following a third-place finish in last year's test of SUV sizes, Continental is once again number one. The tire manages to maintain steering grip even
alates 92,00 tk.
UltraGrip Ice 3
This season's big news is the third generation of UltraGrip Ice from Goodyear. The predecessors have distinguished themselves as Nordic friction tires that perform well on wet roads. The new model retains this market position but has also strengthene
alates 102,00 tk.
Hakkapeliitta R5
Nokian's latest friction tire scores the most points of all in the snow and ice rounds. It has lively reactions and steers quickly into curves. For a soft friction tire, it is a joy to drive with a cooperative rear that suits the active driver. Conve
alates 104,00 tk.
X-Ice Snow
Preemium klass
The French friction tire has impressive longitudinal winter grip – that is, acceleration and braking. It has the best stopping distance on ice in the test, and the braking performance on snow also receives the highest rating. However, Michelin struggles
alates 88,00 tk.
Blizzak Ice
Preemium klass
The Japanese Bridgestone is one of the few winter tires with an asymmetric pattern, marked with an inside/outside instead of rolling direction. This favors cornering but results in poorer water properties. The Blizzak Ice is also one of the softest tires
alates 76,00 tk.
Ice Zero Asimmetrico
When Pirelli was unable to produce its Nordic friction tire IceZero FR in Russia, they brought over their Asian friction tire Asimmetrico instead. As the name suggests, the tire has an asymmetric pattern (with a dedicated inside/outside instead of rolling
alates 83,00 tk.
SnowLink PL01
The Chinese Triangle tire boasts in its marketing that it was developed in Finland. Despite this, it has an unusually hard rubber compound with poor winter grip. On icy curves, it loses grip at the front without warning, causing the car to understeer heav
alates 42,50 tk.

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